Tuesday, August 25, 2009

adam {broken arrow senior}

Adam, a 2010 senior football player at Broken Arrow, wasn't all too excited about taking his senior pictures. I wonder if he'll change his mind once the girls get a hold of these...

I had an absolute BLAST with Adam and his mom. She is hilarious and I spent the entire session laughing! It was an all around fabulous day:)

Adam is a very laid back guy...we're still working on "smiling with your eyes" Haa!

I love this picture! It definitely showcases his cool and calm personality AND he's got a great smile goin' on in this one!!

I love it when I capture a real laugh. This is a real moment that can't be posed:)

Smiling with his eyes:)

Adam doesn't own one pair of flip flops and doesn't have any color of shoes other than black. I love learning little quirks about the people I work with:)

I wish Adam the best of luck in all his life endeavours! I had such a great time photographing him:)

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