Saturday, March 8, 2008

project yellow

today was great!  

i woke up
ate breakfast
grabbed my camera and drove around this little town looking for anything yellow.  

however, there were some sad moments today.  i found lots of animals who shouldnt be living where i found them.  horrible living conditions to say the least.  which  makes me wonder why in the world someone would want a pet if they couldnt give them the kinda of life they deserve. how do these people sleep at night?! 
not sure if its a boy or girl 
either way completely stole my heart.

 these little goats were adorable.  i found myself laughing out loud at their funny sounds

so besides the sad stuff...
it was fun to drive around (in circles) discovering this town 
i found beauty in strange places and it was fun.  refreshing really.

can everyone to tell me their 2 favorites?

i will be entering them in muskogee's shutterbug photo contest on tuesday (and cant pick)

hope everyone had a refreshing saturday, enjoy!

there is a country song about this...
number one
number two

number three

number four

number five

number six

number seven

number eight

number nine

number ten


brandi said...

i really like 2 and 3. nice work!

Michelle Ellis Photography said...

What a wonderful idea!!!

TheBombria's said...

Love #2 and 6! What a great group of shots!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are really concerned for the welfare of the animals due to their living conditions, then why don't you do something about it?

Call some local animal sanctuaries, see if they have room. But check them out first as best you can. Maybe visit if you can. At the least, read some online reviews.

Animal control will be less likely to put them down (if it's an issue of having no where to put them versus their health)if you have some suggestions about where they could go.

Animals can't pick up the phone and call for help.

Your post began with something like,"Today was great!" I wonder how many of those animals ever feel that way.

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