Tuesday, August 12, 2008


hello world!
meet allie hine

she is outgoing, charming and freakin adorable. she is 6 and enjoying every second. she has great style and already knows what she wants at starbucks!! thats my girl :)

hope you enjoy her sneakpeak...more to come soon!

she loves her bike and her animals (even the virtual ones!!)

here are her proud parents :)
this is going to look awesome in their new house- dont you think?

and as a side note.....

i have to pass on any great finds.
during our shoot a million mosquitoes!!! well ashley (allie's mom) had the best secret. she sent me home with this little box and as soon as i got home i took a bath....and im in love!

its only $2.99 from walgreens and is seriously the best product! its good for aches, sprains, stings....im sure the list goes on. but i have to warn you - one bath and you'll be hooked :)

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Michelle Ellis said...

Very nice images.

Thanks for the mosquito bit tip. I'm plagued by them all the time.(:

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