Sunday, July 20, 2008

happy sunday

yesterday was a busy day- it was filled with a few photography sessions, a baby shower, even a little time to shop and visit with my family.

the first session was with Jackie- who is due in august with her and justin's second child. Julie will be here in less than 6 weeks and I cant wait to meet her! Anyways, we started the session in a field (filled with cigars)
although you cant see her belly here you can see the glow. this girl ROCKS at being prego!
then we went back to get the boys and went fishing...

then a baby shower!!

and i even made jackie pose after for a little belly action...

then i met up with melinda, jared & noah at mohaw park for a mini session
it was late in the afternoon and noah had a rough day. on top of not getting his nap- he also got stung by a bee AND bit his tongue! even though it was a tough day....we did manage to get a smile....

happy sunday!

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