Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i have never been so excited to see a little brown box before in my life. my flash arrived today!!! due to sonic cameras lame backorder for 6-8 weeks i choose to use Abe's of Maine instead and im super happy with my choice! their website is super easy, they process the order quick...and best of all no silly surprises! i plan on reading the manual as i fall asleep tonight but thought i should at least post ONE picture. so here is it...the first thing that caught my attention- a mini ellie! go figure :)

my first photo with my 580...

is that soft light beautiful?! just kidding. not exactly sure about the settings but im going to practice with april and jacob tomorrow. i can not wait for their session. april works with me at dr. hine's office as a hygienist and her husband just got back from iraq monday. since they have never had wedding or engagement photos- we decided tomorrow would be a perfect day for a LOVE session. ill be excited to see what a difference it makes with my flash.

before i go to bed i have to show you my favorites from noah's session. he should be a model for baby gap with those eyes, those curls and that perfect pout!

precious little family
always safe in daddy's arms

LOVE this expression...

curious little boys are so adorable :)

which one is your favorite?


Michelle Ellis said...

I'd have to say the one with the dad holding the boy....that is soooo sweet.

Audra said...

Ashley I LOVE the blog! The pics of Melinda's family are amazing! I always enjoy seeing what new pics you've posted. You are amazingly talented!

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