Wednesday, April 9, 2008


this was my second senior session....EVER! and i had a blast! jacob is my cousin so there was NO PRESSURE or anything but he is super laid back and extremely easy to photograph.  So honestly i had a blast doing this session and cant wait to see which picture is his favorite.  
here are my favs:

he loves his cows
LOVE this one.  his shirt. the yellow building.  and that little smirk :)
look at those eyes
his front yard view
isnt every senior on top of the world?
hay + barbwire = last hurrah ranch 
the fence to his house- another favorite
jacob is very good with guns- extremely good.  so it only made sense to get a picture with his favorite.  and i want you all to know there were NO bullets inside the gun while taking these :) 
its crazy.  i am not a risk taker but for that photograph i have in my mind- i will do just about anything!

hope you enjoyed those.  i would love to hear critiques, comments or compliments!!! 
happy HUMP day


Michelle Ellis said...


Aren't seniors fun to work with.

TheBombria's said...

Absolutely love em!!! You did such a fab job and I'm sure he loves them!

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