Friday, January 18, 2008

playin at work....

today was super fun! since i work at a medical spa i often indulge in little things called CHEMICAL PEELS :)

everyone freaks when i tell them this but really my face never feels so good. it just glows...and glows!!

so here is a little picture from my iphone that me and jayden took today while i was waiting to take the peel off- have a good laugh, we did!

i have to share the little words of wisdom my calander shared with me today. this is what inspired me today. it says "give thanks for those generous spirits who take ordinary moments and make them shine. " a few photographers come to mind :)

1 comment:

Melissa Koehler said...

looks like fun!
I have never had a chemical peel. Maybe I should get one :)
Have a great day

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