Friday, January 11, 2008

its late and i should be sleeping...

but i had to tell you about my crazy day!

this afternoon i asked for a raise at my day job and was gracefully declined. my boss has been avoiding this conversation for about 6 months so although im disappointed- its everything i expected! so im off to look another job since photography isn't paying our bills (yet!) and i know this sounds like a bummer-but really i feel so good about it. its not on bad terms-its just im over qualified for the job really. ive meet some amazing people and i know that ill still keep the friends ive made so its really just a great opportunity for me to move on to bigger and better!

so after work i managed to get my SUV out of the shop, returned my rental car AND get pulled over (going 50ish in a 35) all within ONE hour today. the good news is the cop said it was MY LUCKY DAY! it truly it was, there is no way i could afford a speeding ticket. which means i shouldnt be speeding but you know easy it is to do...when your late right?

i have no idea what picture to post because i havnt touched my camera ill pick one that makes me happy. its my husband, nathan. im missing him at the moment and cant wait for him to get back :)


Melissa Koehler said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your bad day!
That stinks. Good luck finding a new job, I know how that goes :)

Aunt Jo said...

I wonder what he was thinking about??

I hate being late AND pulled over because then you are REALLY late!

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