Thursday, January 31, 2008

catching up...

today was a beautiful day.  i had this AMAZING sense of peace that felt like an incredible high 

ill give you the highlights:

had a really good interview this morning and was called back (an hour later) for another next week.  which means they like me, i hope 

it snowed.  not just any snow. picture perfect HUGE fluffy flakes (sorry no pictures)

went to lunch with my husband today.  which was a nice surprise.

  went tanning and got a pedi. which was even more of a surprise 

recieved a gift.  something that made my heart smile 

made up with my mother.  sometimes we are so much alike it kills me

got off work early 

and the thing im most excited about....leaving tomorrow for houston for my best friends wedding!!!!! words cant describe how much im looking forward to seeing my favorite  sorority sisters (whom live in denver, wichita, tulsa, and of course houston) so im praying for our flights to be on time and everyone to travel safely and make sure to check back to   see some of my favorites!

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